Outback Camera Dates are one of the most fun, fast, no-jargon, practical ways to learn photography.  

You will learn:

  • RAW
  • Exposure
  • Focusing
  • ISO - low light photography, how to use ISO
  • Shutter speed - how to freeze the action & create movment in your photos
  • Aperture - how to create a perfect portrait with a blurry background
  • White balance - how to use it to bring creative effects to your photos
  • the Histogram - what it is & why it's so important
  • & loads more...


All in plain, practical language in the spectacular outback using local landscapes & buildings to learn fun, practical skills.  

What happens on an Outback Camera Date?

We begin with a little bit of theory, looking at what makes a great photo & how cameras work. Then, its cameras out to learn, practice, play & have fun! 


  • WHERE: Various Outback Queensland locatons. 
  • WHEN: 
    • Julia Creek Sat 5th September (minimum 4 people)
    • Winton Date TBC - please register your interest!
    • Barcaldine Date TBC
  • Morning teas, lunch & afternoon tea Saturday included.
  • You receive workshop, notes, one-on-one support & use of equipment.
  • TIME: 10am - 9pm tbc for each location to work in with you.

PLEASE NOTE: Start times may vary between 9-11am to accommodate presenters & participants travel arrangements. You will be kept up to date when you register. 

What's different about Outback Camera Dates?

At this exclusive live Workshop you will learn what settings to use to capture loads of different images. 

You will learn how your camera thinks, that is, how it creates images on auto, have a great time on a mini-photographic adventure and even discover a creative side you didnt know you had.

You will be using manual by the end of the first day as we shoot the stars, explore light painting & more.

Here's just a sample of what you can expect from your Outback Camera Date: 

I Will Make It Easy To Learn Photography In One Day With Expert Guidance

Discover Your Creative Side And Simple Ways To Create Unique Images

Effortlessly Learn Photography Without All The Jargon

Escape The Pain Of Finding Time To Learn Photography On Your Own On-line

“I like the way Louise talked about the technical stuff and got right to the point without the need to understand the physics behind it. ”

- Miri, Quilpie-

About your tutor, Louise Gronold

I am a professional photographer based in Barcaldine, western (Outback) Queensland.  My work spans across outback Queensland as well as a range of genres & skillsets to best service the needs of my clients.  Teaching, sharing, helping & bringing a smile to your face is my purpose. In 2010 I began teaching photography & I soon got hooked on seeing someones face light up when they create something unexpected or a previously challenging skill clicks into place.  So not long after, Outback Camera Dates were born to demystify the science, remove the jargon & arrange out of the ordinary activities to apply your newly acquired skills to.  The Outback offers incredible scenery, big dark night skies & many intriguing locations to challenge your skills & imagination.  Set the date ;) 

Outback Camera Dates are for you if....

  • you have struggled with the theory at previous photography workshops,

  • you learn by doing, not sitting in a classroom,

  • you want to learn in a practical manner with fun activities,

  • you think you will never understand or master camera settings or shooting in manual,

  • you want a great excuse to come to Outback  Queensland!

“Now to rave on about Louise Gronold Imagery. Louise you are the most generous person, you gave your time (yes, smoko time, lunch time, dinner time as well) so freely, you solved any problems and made sure everyone was helped and understood the task AND you spoke in  plain English (which is always helpful). You've inspired us to take our photography up a notch and even more, thank you for your teaching skills, knowledge, patience and assistance.”

- Deb, Injune-

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“I am a freeleance writer and photographer and  I imagined I might be a little bored on the first day talking about the basics like ISO, aperture & shutter speed. I am happy to say I was very wrong. Louise explained all these concepts (and  other aspects of photography) without confusing jargon and science, in a way that was easily absorbed and put into practice.”

- Mandy, Injune-

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